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Home Studio Hub is the best resource of home studio gear reviews for 2019.

We are a group for studio owners, beat makers, producers, sound engineers, musicians, and artists.

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We’ve put tons of effort into building out a website that brings you unbiased, yet slightly opinionated reviews on essential recording studio gear, tips on being a better producer and building a community that helps mentor beginners and brings professional audio engineers references they require for their day to day jobs.

Building a home recording studio doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve planned out different studios for all budgets and brought you the best studio gear to help you be creative without any hassle.

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Did you know that percussion instruments make up the largest section of any orchestra? They add color and depth to the music, and to do that, percussionists usually play several different instruments during a piece. With so many choices available, it’s not always easy to choose the best instruments to meet your needs. This hand…

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A portable PA system is a terrific convenience that makes it possible to have better sound output wherever you are. Musicians and performers, especially singers, use portable PA systems to amplify their voices when the sound system lacks a higher crown. And while amplifiers, speakers, and karaoke systems have their place, PAs often provide a…

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