Home Recording Studio Basics

Essential Audio Interfaces Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Choosing an audio interface for your studio doesn't have to be hard. This easy to understand guide will help you find the best audio interfaces in your budget.

Best DAWs 2021: Best Music Production Software for Beginners

Discover, download and learn how to use the best DAWs that will suit your workflow.

Studio Monitors 101: How to Choose the Best Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are incredibly important in a recording studio. Find out which studio monitors are best for your home recording studio.

Studio Headphones: The Ultimate Engineer and Musician’s Guide

Every musician should have a nice set of studio headphones for recording. This guide will help you choose the best studio headphones for your genre.

Microphones 101: In-Depth Guide to Recording Studio Microphones

Learn which type of studio microphone you should buy for recording vocals, guitars, or drums. We go into detail about condenser, dynamic and ribbon microphones.

Ultimate Acoustic Treatment Guide for Home Recording Studios

Acoustic treatment is complicated to comprehend for new home studio owners. We've broken down everything you need to start with your room sound treatment.

The Best Computers for Music Production and Audio Work

If you're looking to upgrade or get a dedicated music production computer for audio work, check this guide out to see if you're meeting all the requirements.

Home Recording Studio Equipment Reviews

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