Let’s make one thing perfectly clear — the GAMMA Hades Metal Distortion pedal is not here to charm you with sweet, smooth harmonic saturation. The GAMMA Hades pedal is here to deliver some of the filthiest, nastiest, and depraved electric guitar tones you can conjure.
With so many overdrive pedals available today, it’s clear that guitarists can never have enough overdrive options. With a simple control set and an affordable price tag, the GAMMA Atlas Boosted Overdrive pedal delivers a wide range of overdrive tones reminiscent of classic TS-style drive pedals — but does it have the tonal tenacity to earn that coveted first-place spot on your pedalboard?
If you’re an acoustic guitar player searching for effects pedals to expand your creative palette, you soon realize there aren’t many options for effects pedals for acoustic guitar. If you’ve ever plugged your acoustic guitar into a pedal designed for electric guitar in the spirit of sonic exploration, you know that it destroys your core acoustic guitar tone. Electric guitar effects pedals aren’t designed for the expanded dynamic range and frequency spectrum that your acoustic guitar delivers. Thankfully, Fishman AFX Mini acoustic guitar effects pedals are designed to offer creative and inspiring effects that maintain the integrity of your acoustic guitar tone, in a compact and affordable series of mini pedals.
We’ll get into all the different types of modulation effects in this article: the thing to know is that a modulation pedal will change a property of your guitar tone (like volume or pitch) over time.