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man using IK Multimedia Uno mini synthesizer
Should I get an analog or digital synth? What’s the difference between a sequencer and an arpeggiator, and what’s the purpose of each? You deserve answers — let’s dig in.
Portable microphones main image featuring the TASCAM DR-10L
Choosing the right portable microphones for field recording and videography will make it easy to capture better audio recordings, no matter what type of content you're creating. From stealthy on-person recorders to next-gen wireless tech, we will take a look at some of the best microphones for field recording currently available. If you want to capture better audio out in the field, we are sure one of these solutions will exceed your expectations.
Image of the Singular Sound Beat Buddy 2 drum machine and separate footswitch
Is the BeatBuddy MINI 2 a practice tool, a performance solution, or both? Should you run your BeatBuddy MINI 2 through your amplifier, or through a separate speaker? And in general, is the BeatBuddy MINI 2 worth getting? Let’s find out!
video mic on camera
Looking for the best on-camera microphone attachment to take the sound of your videos to the next video? Improving your audio quality is one of the best ways to make your videography stand out, so we’ve done the research to find the nine best on-camera mic attachments you’ll find in 2023
TC Electronic_DITTO Series looper guitar pedals
Whether you’re looking to play over your own chord progressions for fun, exploring new songwriting ideas, or performing live looping on stage, we’ve put together this list to help you find the best Ditto looper pedal for you.
looper guitar pedal main image of pedalboard in use on stage
Looper guitar pedals are more popular than ever, and offer big creative potential for electric and acoustic guitarists alike. With such a wide range of loop pedals for guitar available in 2023, we want to take a look at 10 of the best looper pedals currently on the market.
blackstar amps amped 2 in a studio with mixing board in the background
Any pedalboard amp, at its core, is a power amplifier packed into a stompbox that can be easily placed on your effects pedalboard. Just like the power amplifier in your combo amp or guitar amplifier head, a pedalboard amp simply boosts the instrument-level signal from your guitar or pedals up to a speaker-level signal that can drive a speaker cabinet.
Let’s make one thing perfectly clear — the GAMMA Hades Metal Distortion pedal is not here to charm you with sweet, smooth harmonic saturation. The GAMMA Hades pedal is here to deliver some of the filthiest, nastiest, and depraved electric guitar tones you can conjure.
With so many overdrive pedals available today, it’s clear that guitarists can never have enough overdrive options. With a simple control set and an affordable price tag, the GAMMA Atlas Boosted Overdrive pedal delivers a wide range of overdrive tones reminiscent of classic TS-style drive pedals — but does it have the tonal tenacity to earn that coveted first-place spot on your pedalboard?
Choosing a Workhorse Microphone main image of a girl singing
It would be nice to have a huge mic locker to choose from, allowing you to audition many and select the perfect mic for any recording project. But that’s not practical for most of us. And if you’re just starting to build your mic collection and looking for maximum value, you’re probably wondering if just one microphone can handle all of your recording duties, including speech and vocals, amplifiers, and acoustic instruments.
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