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5 Best 49-Key MIDI Controllers [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]


Composing music on a 49-key controller will mark your entry into the big league where talent combines with technology to create fantastic music. Obviously, you will need nothing less than the best 49-key MIDI controllers to hold your own against such tough competition.

Best 49-Key MIDI Controllers by Real Musicians

Read ahead to check out five of the best such controllers with varying features, bundling options and software integration options.

Arturia KeyLab MKII 49 Key Midi Controller

Every music composer has to struggle with the tradeoff between the advantages of multiple features and the inevitable increase in the complexity of the MIDI controller. An upgrade over Keylab, the Arturia KeyLab MKII 49 strikes the perfect balance.

Keylab MKII is rich with features and functions that any expert composer would like to have at his/her fingertips, yet is surprisingly easy and fun to use.

Arturia KeyLab MKII 49 Key Midi Controller


  • An interesting standout feature of KeyLab MKII 49 is its aluminum chassis. At a time when MIDI controllers are made entirely out of plastic, a metal body that enhances durability and style is a welcome option.
  • An aftertouch-sensitive keyboard means you will get a piano-like feel on this keyboard with the tone or note changing depending on the pressure you exert on the keys.
  • Superlative software integration that allows you to switch between DAW, Analog 3 or any other MIDI-friendly instrument with the press of a button.
  • Filled with features and functions including 16 backlit performance pads, nine large faders, nine rotary encoders, four CV output jacks and MIDI as well as USB connectivity.


  • 49-key semi-weighted velocity-sensitive aftertouch keys.
  • Pitch-bend and Mod wheel controllers.
  • One sustain, one expression and one auxiliary pedal controls.
  • Bundled with Analog Lab 3, Ableton Live Lite, Piano V2 and Arturia MIDI Control Center.
Arturia Keylab 49 Essential Controller Keyboard
  • ALL-IN-ONE: Functions as a universal MIDI controller
  • CONNECTIONS: MIDI out, USB, and Sustain Pedal connectivity
  • COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with major digital audio workstations. MCU/HUI control compatibility

Akai Professional MPK249

Among professional composers using 49-key MIDI controllers, the Akai Professional MPK249 is often considered as an industry benchmark against which other models and controllers are assessed.

And for a good reason too. From its semi-weighted keys and enhanced powerful hardware specs to complete plug-in usage freedom thanks to the virtual instrument player software feature, this controller offers an unparalleled experience for even the most demanding composers.

Akai Professional MPK249


  • 16 backlit MPC pads divided into four banks for easy and smooth access, eight switches, knobs and faders each, controls for pitch bend, modulation and octave and hands-on DAW integration offer a powerful platform for a satisfying musical experience.
  • Authentic MPC functionality through MPC Note Repeat, Swing, Full Level, Tap Tempo and Time Division assist make MPK249 a versatile hybrid controller.
  • An ergonomic control layout with a backlit LCD screen for quick information access over and above the visual feedback provided by the backlit pads.


  • 49-key semi-weighted pressure and velocity-sensitive aftertouch keys.
  • Pitch bend and mod wheel controllers and eight customizable buttons.
  • One sustain and one expression pedal controls.
  • Bundled with VIP 3.0.
Akai Professional MPK249 | 49 Key Semi Weighted USB MIDI Keyboard Controller Including Core Control From The MPC Workstations
  • 49 semi weighted, velocity sensitive full size keys and a premium piano style key bed for...
  • 16 RGB illuminated MPC style pads each with 4 banks for 64 pads the perfect solution for triggering...
  • 24 assignable Q Link controllers comprising 8 control knobs, faders and switches engineered for...

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49 combines powerful musical functionalities with practical improvements to create a MIDI controller at par with the best 49-key controllers in the market.

The rig’s innovative features include a custom-built browser for simpler call up of NI instruments and even selection of individual presets, dual pitch and modulation control through wheels and a flexible touch strip and a USB bus-powered device that runs without adapters or other contraptions.

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49


  • The keyboard is the heart and soul of any MIDI controller and the well-built Fatar keyboard guarantees a superlative experience every time you play it.
  • Native Instruments has gone beyond backlit pads and incorporated light-based performance feedback and advanced playing features into the keypad itself.
  • Compatible transport controls with a wide range of DAWs, which means this is a smart choice irrespective of your preferred DAW option.
  • Two high-resolution color displays for greater control and better use of the functionalities and features of this controller.


  • 49-key Fater keybed semi-weighted aftertouch keys.
  • Pitch bend and mod wheel and touch strip controllers.
  • DAW-dependent dedicated transport control.
  • One sustain and one expression pedal controls.
  • Bundled with Komplete Select and Komplete Kontrol.
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49 Mk2 Keyboard
  • Smart keyboard controller for all your virtual instruments
  • Pro-grade Fatar keybeds with aftertouch - 49 semi-weighted keys
  • Ergonomic pitch and mod wheels, plus touch strip for expression control

Novation 49SL MkIII

The function of any MIDI controller is to help the composer create music on the computer the digital audio workstation (DAW). However, the Novation 49SL MkIII is so well designed that it almost renders the computer screen obsolete and allows you to focus solely on the controller.

The combination of super-dynamic action and aftertouch means you will enjoy a dynamic keyboard experience, which along with the pads, the internal 8-track sequencer and encoders and faders make the Novation 49SL MkIII a complete package.

Novation 49SL MkIII


  • Enhanced pads that combine velocity sensitivity with polyphonic aftertouch for greater control and choice at your fingertips.
  • Comprehensive hardware connectivity that includes MIDI—In, Out and Out 2/Thru and Analog Clock Out and two sets of outputs for CV Pitch, Gate and Mod.
  • Built-in arpeggiator with the additional customization option of selecting velocity curves as required for improving your composition.
  • Instant on-key LED feedback for instantly viewing scales, modes and zones.


  • 49-key semi-weighted velocity-sensitive aftertouch controller.
  • Pitch-bend and Mod wheel controller.
  • One sustain and one expression and one footswitch pedal controls.
  • Sequencer with 64 sessions—eight tracks per session and eight patterns per track.
  • Bundled with Ableton Live Lite and 4GB Loopmaster Sounds and Samples.
Novation LAUNCHKEY-49-MK2 49-Key Keyboard Controller+Bench+Headphones+Mic+Cable
  • Novation LAUNCHKEY-49-MK2 49-Key USB MIDI Ableton Live Lite Keyboard Controller . Designed for...
  • Get hands-on control of your mixer using nine full-sized faders. Compact and tough enough to throw...
  • RKB61 Deluxe X-style Keyboard Bench with strong locking mechanism to adjust height. Stabilizing...

Akai Professional Advance 49

Akai Professional Advance 49 combines complete play freedom with total control over your virtual instrument library through just one application to create a versatile instrument that can easily outpace and outpower any other MIDI controller.

Added to this dynamic instrument are some very useful features including a hi-res color screen, eight velocity and pressure-sensitive MPC pads, the ability to function as a standalone controller and a superb virtual instrument player software bundle.

Akai Professional Advance 49


Advance 49 combines the power of technology with the sheer joy of playing live to create a keyboard workstation that’s equally useful within studios as well as in live performances.

Bundle of 10,000 sounds from developers at AIR Music Technology, SONiVOX and TOOLROOM RECORDS combined with nine powerful plugins provide all the variety and choice you will ever need for your compositions.

A plethora of buttons, pads, encoders and switches—44 in all—giving you total freedom to customize the controller and to achieve absolute perfection in every note or tune you create.


  • 49-key semi-weighted velocity-sensitive aftertouch keypad.
  • Rubberized pitch bend and mod wheels.
  • One expression and one footswitch pedal controls.
  • 4.3-inch high-res color screen for realtime plugin parameters’ feedback.
  • Bundled with VIP.
Akai Professional Advance 49 | 49-Key Virtual Instrument Production Controller with Full-Color LCD Screen & 10K Sounds Download
  • Integrated 4.3-inch high-resolution full-color screen with dedicated interface buttons
  • Screen provides 1:1, real-time feedback of plugin parameters
  • Includes Virtual Instrument Player software for unprecedented virtual instrument preset management,...

The Final Word on the Best 49 Midi Keyboard Controllers

The transition from a 25-key to 49-key MIDI controller is not just about the number of keys or features in the instruments. Your choice of 49-key controller should equip you to foray into the world of professional music creation.

Our list of the best should help you identify the right option for you without having to sift through all the controllers available in the market.

5 Best Synthesizers for 2020 [Buyer’s Guide and Reviews]


In a world where machines can be programmed to create music, nothing can beat the old-world charm of creating music the old-fashioned way on an analog synthesizer.

Of course, searching for the best analog synths is a smart musical decision as well. Nothing can match the versatility or the sonic depth of the notes created on an analog synth.

If you’re interested in learning more about synthesizers, check out our guide: Intro to Synthesizers: How to Choose Which Synth to Buy

Best Analog Synths Ranked by Actual Musicians

Check out details of some of the best analog synths for beginners as well as experienced composers below.

Arturia MicroBrute

An extremely compact and extremely versatile analog synth, the Arturia MicroBrute is probably the best option if you are thinking about buying your first synthesizer.

MicroBrute packs a powerful punch in terms of the notes and tones it can generate and the customization features and options crammed into this synth.

The step sequencer and mod matrix allow you to go beyond merely playing music notes and enable you to create, innovate and experiment with your composition ideas.

5 Best Synthesizers for 2020 [Buyer's Guide and Reviews] 1


  • This synth has a completely analog signal path, which means the music it creates is completely natural with no digital or hybrid mechanisms involved.
  • A dynamic single-oscillator mechanism that combines the Saw, Triangle, and Square waves with three additional waveshapers to modify and animate your notes. Added to this powerful mix is the Overtone generator for an amazing sound experience.
  • Arturia MicroBrute comes with the classic Steiner-Parker filter that gives this instrument its musical dynamism and versatility.
  • A very compact design with just 25 mini-keys that makes this synth an ideal choice for somebody just starting out on synthesizers.


  • 25 mini-keys velocity-sensitive synth.
  • Additional pitch bend and mod wheel controllers.
  • 3 Oscillator presets—Sawtooth, Triangle, and Square.
  • 8 sequences with 64-steps per sequence.
Arturia MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer
  • 100% Analog Audio Signal Path
  • Steiner-Parker Multimode Filter (LP, BP, HP)
  • Voltage Controlled Oscillator with new Overtone Sub-Osc, Oscillator Mixer (Sub, Sawtooth, Square,...

Korg Minilogue XD

The Korg Minilogue XD combines the natural and real sound of an analog synth with the control and versatility offered by technology to give enthusiasts the best of both worlds.

This synth is a full-blown sound design system that has a digital multi-engine boosting the four-voice analog setup. This allows you to play your preferred genre of music ranging from soft and warm notes to crisp tones.

Joystick controls, four different voice modes, micro tuning feature and motion view display are some features that will allow you to explore your musical talent to the fullest.

5 Best Synthesizers for 2020 [Buyer's Guide and Reviews] 2


  • Unleash your musical creativity by exploring the 200 pre-loaded sets combined with the option to save a total of 500 programs in this instrument.
  • Three different sound generators create a hybrid engine that boosts the capacity of the analog oscillators to create superlative music.
  • Choice of variations like chorus, ensemble, reverbs and warm tape delays that can be used simultaneously for truly versatile compositions.
  • 16 oscillator and user effects slots to create original programs or customize the presets and share the same with the online user community.


  • 37-keys velocity-sensitive synth.
  • 500 programs including 200 preset programs.
  • 16-step polyphonic sequencer.
  • Real-time OLED oscilloscope display.
Korg Minilogue XD Gen Minilogue Synthesizer
  • The Korg Minilogue XD Gen Minilogue Synthesizer
  • Analog synthesizer circuit that shatters expectations for its class Four-voice polyphonic analog...

Moog Grandmother

Forget plug and play, the Moog Grandmother is an open-and-play synth that allows you to start creating music with no patching or any other setup required.

This synth is a treat to look at with its vibrant and colorful interface. Further, it’s equally functional with a clutter-free layout offering easy access to all its features ranging from the dual analog oscillators and four-pole ladder filter to the bipolar attenuator.

5 Best Synthesizers for 2020 [Buyer's Guide and Reviews] 3


  • In-built spring reverb allows you to create notes of varying depth and vibrance unmatched by this analog synth’s digital counterparts.
  • 41 patch points covering 21 inputs, 16 outputs, and a four-jack passive multiple allows you to either integrate this instrument with digital musical instruments and accessories or use it independently.
  • Easier control by combining the keys with other controllers including one mod wheel, one pitch bend wheel, and a variable glide.
  • Completely analog sound engine and modulation engine that allows you to explore the entire spectrum of music incapable of being matched by digital engines.


  • 32-keys velocity-sensitive synth.
  • 4-pole octave ladder filter and variable high pass filter.
  • 1/4″ audio input port for external signals.
  • Compatible with Mother-32, DFAM, and Eurorack modular systems.
Moog Grandmother Semi-Modular Analog Keyboard Synthesizer
  • Hardware Spring Reverb can be used to process external sounds
  • ¼" External audio input for guitars, drum machines, and more
  • Semi-modular - no patching is required

Arturia MiniBrute 2

The Arturia MiniBrute 2 analog synth builds on the appeal of the extremely-popular MiniBrute synthesizer to create even more powerful and dynamic choice for lovers of analog synthesizers.

This semi-modular synth faithfully relies on the combination of two Brute oscillators and Stiener-Parker filter to create sonorous notes devoid of any digital tinkering.

This synth may be analog but that doesn’t mean it cannot work well with other digital instruments. Five-pin MIDI and the USB for MIDI ports along with the external audio input port mean you can integrate this instrument with your computer without any hassles.

5 Best Synthesizers for 2020 [Buyer's Guide and Reviews] 4


  • 48-point CV patch bay allows you to start playing this synth without having to waste time on patches.
  • Unique KeyStep-style sequencer that allows you to improvise on your compositions without interrupting your flow.
  • Set your own rules with virtually unlimited customizations to the various features and settings of this analog synth.
  • Two analog VCOs with 2 LFO’s with sync and one ADSR and one AD envelope come together to create a powerful musical instrument.


  • 25-key velocity-sensitive synth.
  • 2 x VCO oscillators and 2 x LFO with sync
  • Brute Factor and Sweep effects
  • 1/8″ audio input port for external signals.
  • Additional controllers include pitch bend and mod wheel.
Arturia MiniBrute 2 Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer
  • 25-key Semi-modular Monophonic Analog Synthesizer
  • 48-point CV Mod Matrix
  • Sync Connectivity

Behringer DeepMind 12

The Behringer DeepMind 12 can best be described as an analog polysynth that’s capable of creating and delivering any and every note or tune designed to be played on a synthesizer.

This synth is overloaded with features. Analog VCFs, 12-voice architecture, four effects engine, two oscillators and LFOs per voice, an onboard 32-step sequencer and an LCD display are just some of the cool features crammed into this amazing instrument.

5 Best Synthesizers for 2020 [Buyer's Guide and Reviews] 5


  • 49 keys with velocity and aftertouch features enabled help even beginners enjoy a superior playing experience.
  • Every sound and note generated by this synth is pure analog, which is the closest you can get to real music in today’s world dominated by digital creations.
  • Write and save complex chords and even polychords with up to 12 notes each in the memory locations of this synth. This means you can play huge chords with just a press of a key.
  • Play around with digital effects or choose to bypass it completely by selecting the appropriate mode in the detailed FX menu of DeepMind 12


  • 49-key velocity-sensitive and aftertouch enabled synth.
  • 12-voice analog sound engine with digital effects.
  • 1024 program memories spread over eight banks with 128 programs each.
  • Numerous effects including reverb, delay, phaser, EQ and Compression.
  • Additional controllers include pitch bend and mod wheel.

A mini synth may be a small machine but selecting there’s nothing small or minor about the decision to choose a good analog synth.

  • Classic polyphonic synthesizer with 12 true analog voices for insanely fat and authentic sounds
  • 4 simultaneous world-class TC ELECTRONIC and KLARK TEKNIK FX with over 30 algorithms including...
  • 12 voices with 2 analog OSCs per voice with oscillator sync mode

The Final Word on the Best Synths of 2020

The right choice can make a tremendous impact on your musical aspirations while an imperfect choice may leave you struggling to do justice to your immense talent.

5 Best DJ Controllers for Beginners and Pros


Talent and creativity matter but your choice of DJ controller can have a significant impact on the evolution of your mixing and audio manipulation skills. Read ahead for an overview of some of the best DJ controllers available in the market for amateur DJs seeking to upgrade their skills to the professional level.

Best DJ Controllers for Beginners and Pros Ranked By DJs

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000

Very rarely does one find a product that’s significantly better and considerably less expensive than the brand’s flagship product. Happily, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 is a comprehensive upgrade over contemporary DJ controllers that’s much lighter on your pocket.

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 sports an intuitive layout with all features like the jog wheels, performance pads, fader sliders and other controls for effects and track control facilitating a smooth DJ experience.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 - Best DJ Controller


  • Top-notch build quality combined with lightweight design makes it an ideal choice for mobile gigs as well as professional tours.
  • Versatile Pad Scratch feature allows you to add scratch effects and patterns to current as well as cued songs with the press of a button.
  • Master song transitions like a pro with the FX fade feature offering eight combinations to blend tracks smoothly without worrying about BPM mismatch or loss of rhythm.
  • On-board sound card means connecting the Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 to your computer is a standard plug-and-play experience.


  • 24 bit/44.1 kHz sound card.
  • 20 – 20 KHz frequency range.
  • 128 mm durable aluminium jog wheel.
  • Input- One 1/4″ jack microphone and one USB B port.
  • Output- One RCA Master and One Headphone monitor mini jack.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3

Designed for beginners, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 strikes the right balance between being easy to use and, simultaneously, challenging you to explore your creativity and sharpen your mixing skills.

A sturdy plastic body encases all standard features and components that a professional DJ is expected to master.

The jog wheels, multiple input-output options, traditional effects at your fingertips and suitably-located performance pads and loop section are easy to master, leaving you free to give vent to your creative mixing ideas.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3


  • Option to customize pre-crafted scratch patterns to add scratch effects to tracks with the press of the Pad Scratch button.
  • Clear visual division between the player and mixer sections, which makes it easier for an amateur to master the various features and functions of this versatile tool.
  • Option to upgrade to Serato DJ Pro software for access to additional features like Slip mode, Beat Jump and Hot Cues.
  • Dedicated mic input slot for distortion-free audio even at high levels of audio input.


  • 24 bit/44.1 kHz sound card.
  • 20 – 20 KHz frequency range.
  • 128 mm durable aluminium jog wheel.
  • Input- One 1/4″ jack microphone and one USB B port.
  • Output- One RCA Master and One Headphone monitor mini jack.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 controller improves upon the popular Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR to provide more power, better performance and better features in your hands.

This controller can work as a standalone mixer or can be connected to a computer like a basic controller or even paired with a turntable for a more versatile performance.

Attractive features like multicolored tactile performance pads and large low-latency jog wheels combine with dual level meters, a LCD screen and touch-based track search options to help you create a memorable DJ performance.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2


  • Multi-colored performance pads for triggering features like Hot Cues, Roll and Sampler with visual feedback indicating selection and playing status.
  • Versatile connectivity features allowing the controller to be paired with a professional PA system without interrupting the mixing functionality.
  • Pair the controller with external turntables or media players and control audio using trims, equalizers and the channel faders.
  • Touch-enabled needle search feature allows you to search and jump to any part of the sound track with just a finger touch.


  • 24 bit/44.1 kHz sound card.
  • 20 – 20 KHz frequency range.
  • 1280 x 720 display screen
  • Input — Two RCA Phono/Line, one 1/4″ jack microphone and one USB B port.
  • Output — Two RCA and XLR Master, one Booth and two headphone monitors.

Denon DJ MC4000

Two decks, a premium 24-bit sound card, dual microphone inputs and in-built studio-grade echo effects are some features that set the Denon DJ MC4000 apart from other DJ controllers in the market.

Dedicated sample pads and hot cues, touch-activated jog wheels, clutter-free layout and built-in FX features like ducking and echo effect allow you to unleash your creative skills for a superlative DJ performance at all times.

Denon DJ MC4000


  • Touch-activated jog wheels for easy deployment of scratch effects and quick track cuing.
  • Spacious and clutter-free layout for optimized workflow during professional performances.
  • Pro-grade steel body assures durability and protection from rough usage without impairing portability.
  • Compatible with Serato DJ Intro, Traktor 2, Virtual DJ 8 and any other DJ application supporting MIDI mapping.


  • 24 bit/44.1 48 kHz sound card.
  • 20 – 20 KHz frequency range.
  • Input- Two balanced microphone inputs
  • Output- Two XLR and one RCA Master, two Booth and two headphone monitors.

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is designed to raise your amateur DJing skills to the next level and achieve musical creativity and mixing expertise expected only from professional DJs.

Top-notch features of this DJ controller include visually-stunning five-inch metal jog wheels, mixing capabilities over two channels with independent filter and gain controls for each channel and high-resolution audio output.

The crossfader and mixer filters combine with the multifunction touch strip and backlit performance pads to create the perfect platform to showcase your ever-improving audio mixing skills.

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3


  • Pre-installed premium content from Prime Loops offering six sample packs containing close to 400 instrumental loops, drum kits, one shots and many other customizations.
  • Pro-level on-board audio interface along with two dedicated headphone outputs allowing you to create a smooth interface between the mixer, powered speakers, recorders and your headphones.
  • Multiple pad modes, auto and manual looping and sample playback features to help you hit the right note at every performance.


  • 24 bit/44.1 sound card.
  • 20 – 20 KHz frequency range.
  • Input- One microphone input.
  • Output- One RCA unbalanced output and two headphone monitors.
  • Five-inch high-resolution jog wheels.

Give your creativity and talent a fair chance by equipping yourself with the right DJ controller. Beginners can consider machines that come with access to samples and premium content while more experienced DJs can focus on features and functionality instead.

The five controllers described above are a good shortlist for you to research and identify the best machine to boost your DJing ambitions.

5 Best 61-Key MIDI Controllers [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]


Bringing home a 61-key MIDI controller can turn out to be a fabulous investment ahead of your musical journey in the long run. The reason is quite simple—61-key MIDI controllers give you full access to a full-sized keyboard with a variety of control options such as faders, pads, and knobs. But to find out which the best 61-key MIDI controller, you need to stay constantly updated on all the best options you can choose from.

In this article, we’re going to unveil some of the most exquisite models of 61-key MIDI controllers you could swear by for an unsurpassed musical adventure.

Best 61-Key MIDI Controllers Ranked by Musicians

Novation Launchkey 61 MK2

Novation Launchkey 61 MK2 Midi Controller

Our list of the best 61-key MIDI controllers starts with the Novation Launchkey 61 MK2. This piece of amazing musical gear is one of the best MIDI-enabled keyboards that pave the way for thumping musical production and lively performances. The Launchkey 61 MK2 series from Novation is power-packed with a bevy of astounding features in a size that’s crafted to give you the best of both worlds. If you’re an Ableton Live Lite user who looks forward to bringing a branded 61-key MIDI controller and adding a professional touch to your music production adventure, then the Novation Launchkey 61 MK2 is what you’re looking for.


  • 61 note velocity sensitive synth style keyboard.
  • 6 full-color RGB backlit velocity-sensitive drum pads.
  • Pitch bend and modulation wheels.
  • 2 full-color RGB backlit round buttons.


  • Model: Novation Launchkey 61 MK2
  • Hardware Interface: USB 2.0
  • Weight: 4.2 kilos

Akai 61 Key Semi-Weighted Keyboard Controller

Akai 61 Key Semi-Weighted Keyboard Controller

The Akai MPK261 is one of the most popular 61-key MIDI controllers that has been setting the trend ever since its launch. Akai is one of the most trusted household names for music producers, and with its MPK261 series, it has gone a step further as one of the best MIDI keyboards of the highest quality and standards.

Crafted to perfection in a well-thought-out design and software, the Akai MPK261 is a one-time investment for a power-packed musical journey. Whether it is your live concert or an upcoming street gig, the MPK261 series from Akai is the only musical gear you need to make heads turn.


  • 61 semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive full-size keys and a premium piano-style keyboard that offers a tremendous response and natural feel.
  • 16 RGB-illuminated MPC-style pads each with 4 banks for 64 pads for triggering samples, loops, one-shots, melodics and a lot more.
  • 24 assignable Q-Link controllers with 8 control knobs, faders, and switches engineered for hassle-free mapping and unprecedented DAW, virtual instrument and virtual effect control.


  • Model: Akai MPK261
  • Weight: 15.1 lb
  • Inputs/Outputs:
    • (1)USB port
    • (1)1/4” (6.35 mm) TRS expression pedal input
    • (2) 1/4” (6.35 mm) TS sustain pedal
    • (1) 5-pin MIDI in
    • (1) 5-pin MIDI out

M-Audio Keystation 61 MK3

M-Audio Keystation 61 MK3

If you’re looking forward to elevating your musical career with a lightweight and expressive 61-key MIDI controller, then look no further than that M-Audio Keystation 61 MK3. This simple yet highly-functional MIDI controller is equipped with a streamlined set of controls to rapidly unlock the power of your pianos and sound machines. It’s Mac/PC Class Compliancy and USB bus powering paves the way for ultimate plug-and-play and excellent sound production on the go. Lightweight yet disguised with a bevy of power-packed features, the Keystation 61 MK3 is everything you need to revive every rhythm of your music.


  • 61 full-size velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted keys pave the way for a natural feel that grasps every minute nuance of your performance.
  • Volume fader, transport and directional buttons for easy control of musical software.
  • Easy plug-and-play connection to your Mac or PC.


  • Model: Keystation 61 MK3
  • Weight: 4.2 kilos
  • Computer Connectivity: USB

Arturia KeyLab 61 Essential

Arturia KeyLab 61 Essential

The Arturia KeyLab 61 Essential is an outstanding 61-key MIDI controller packed with exciting features for modern keyboardists and music producers. Crafted with a plethora of software integration and MIDI encoders, the KeyLab 61 Essential from Arturia is a must have to modify and produce amazing tunes in no time. Whether it is its refreshingly intuitive design or control features, the Arturia KeyLab 61 Essential makes a wonderful choice for a 61-key MIDI controller at such an affordable price.


  • Includes Analog Lab software with 5000 synth sounds.
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite and UVI Grand Piano Model D.
  • 61 keys with velocity.


  • Model: KEYLAB61ESS
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 3.2 kilos

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2

Designed in a captivating layout with enhancing features, the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2 is one of the best 61-key MIDI controllers you could ever have. Anyone familiar with the Komplete Kontrol brand might notice the hardware changes in their new S61 MK2 series. Crafted to perfection in a lightweight and ergonomic build, the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2 is the ideal MIDI controller to drive your music tracks to the next level. Whether it is its high-resolution full-color displays or encoding features, this amazing series from Komplete Kontrol has got everything you need for power-packed musical production.


  • Includes Software/Keyboard Bundle.
  • Komplete 12 Upgrade from Komplete Select.
  • Plug-in Library with 50+ Virtual Instruments/Effects, 25,000 Preset Sounds, 10 Expansions and 170GB of Content.


  • Model: Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2
  • Aftertouch: Yes
  • Type of Keys: Fatar Keybed semi-weighted
  • Weight: 14.4 lb

When it comes to buying the best 61-key MIDI controllers for your music production needs, you might always get a handful of choices to select from. But it is always necessary and worthy if you bring home the best MIDI controller after in-depth research and know-how of its make and quality. We hope that our top 5 61-key MIDI controllers helped you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Whether it’s the Novation Launchkey 61 MK2 or the Arturia KeyLab 61 Essential, all the five brands listed in our review are not only top-rated best sellers but also few of the most trusted and best 61-key MIDI controllers preferred by various professional music production enthusiasts and keyboardists.

How to Learn Piano by Yourself with Apps


The traditional method of learning to play the piano is an expensive, complicated and time-consuming process. What’s more, there’s no surety you will indeed learn how to play the piano or even enjoy the attempt.

Check out how you can leverage technology and use computer programs or smartphone apps to learn the piano by yourself.

5 Best Apps for Learning Piano Ranked By Pianists


Learning how to play the piano is neither easy nor cheap only if you ignore a smart solution like FlowKey. This is an app that teaches you how to play different songs and compositions on your piano.

No more theoretical instructions. Instead, learn with interactive courses and replicate hand movements seen on the screen to play the piano.

How to Learn Piano by Yourself with Apps 6


  • Three different skill levels built into the app—beginner, intermediate and advanced—with complete freedom to choose your preferred level.
  • Visual and technical instructions on a split screen to help you see the song being played on the piano along with information about the piano chords and lyrics.
  • Detailed lessons covering the basics including posture, finger placement and one-hand playing before moving on to more complex lessons and tougher songs.
  • This app is compatible with acoustic devices like pianos as well as digital keyboards and electric pianos and runs on Windows/Mac and Android/iOS devices.


  • Free and Premium plans with access to basic lessons, eight free songs and support assistance included in the Free package.
  • Song library consists of video instructions for playing more than 1,000 songs.
  • Option to search for specific songs or browse tracks based on genres.
  • Choice of Wait, Slow and Fast modes for all users.


‎‎Playing or listening to a beautiful piano track is always fun and entertaining. Sadly, learning to play good piano is rarely very fun. Yousician does a good job creating a game-like vibe to learning the piano.

Identify your existing level, practice on songs and tracks to move up levels and access more features as you become more and more proficient at playing the piano.

How to Learn Piano by Yourself with Apps 7


  • Detailed piano-learning syllabus includes mini-games, video tutorials, practice songs and piano exercise to hone your skills and boost your confidence.
  • Go beyond just learning songs and use a gamification-centric user interface to unlock bigger and more complex tracks as you actually improve your playing skills and pass through each successive level.
  • Become a real expert by learning how to read piano notations, identify piano chords along with video guides for playing your favorite songs.
  • Practice mode allows you to slow down or speed up tracks to ensure consistent practice even without a personal instructions from a human tutor.


  • Free package offering a demo of the features with full access for guitar, piano, bass guitar, ukulele and singing courses offered to Premium users.
  • Song library consists of video and notations’ instructions for thousands of tracks and songs.
  • Available on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows platforms.

Simply Piano

One of the most popular educational apps in the US, the award-winning app Simply Piano truly lives up to its name and makes piano learning truly simple.

Like other apps, this solution too shows you how to play, hears your effort and provides feedback to help you play better. However, what sets SimplyPiano apart is its simple user interface, comprehensive lessons and instructions on the technical aspects of playing the piano.

How to Learn Piano by Yourself with Apps 8


  • A million tracks to play and experiment with means it’s simply impossible not to learn how to play the piano with SimplyPiano.
  • Wide range of genres and categories to help you master your skills on your favorite set of tracks or genre of music.
  • Practice modes allow you to slow down tracks to get each individual note and chord perfect. Time-based workouts help you sharpen your fast-playing skills as well.
  • Designed for complete novices wanting to learn to play the piano as well as experts looking to use technology to simplify their practice routines.


  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad only.
  • Free app with ten in-app purchase options including Full Access.
  • Create and track up to five profiles on a single device.


Synthesia works on one simple principle—playing the piano is the easiest and smartest way to learn how to play the piano.

Playing scales, reading sheets and other theoretical exercises can wait. Instead, just follow the lighted keyboard support and finger number hints to start playing and start learning.

How to Learn Piano by Yourself with Apps 9


  • Play any of the 150 songs available to subscribers or select as many other MIDI files as you want until you master the art of playing the piano.
  • Practice one hand at a time, focus on your weaker hand or simply play with both hands depending on your skill level and personal preference.
  • Memorizing chords becomes easier since your next key lights up on the screen. Combine this with the option to enable musical notations to master this tricky task as well.


  • Free to try and premium users can access the unlocked app.
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, Android and even Chromebook.
  • Includes a series of How-to guides to help you use all the features of this app.


Is learning to play the piano all about reading notations and identifying chords? With Melodics, you can look forward to making your own path by exploring various musical styles and genres.

Melodics keeps it simple by encouraging you to practice for just five minutes every day. Surprisingly, that’s all it takes, according to hundreds and thousands of happy users, to learn how to play the piano.

How to Learn Piano by Yourself with Apps 10


  • Instant text and graph-based feedback on your playing skills including your timing and accuracy of keys and notes.
  • Practice, Wait and auto BPM modes to help you customize your practice sessions to suit your abilities and playing preferences.
  • Set daily practice goals and track your progress across various time periods to assess how you have grown as a self-trained piano player.


  • Compatible with Windows 7 or newer and OSX. iPad-access available only for paid subscribers.
  • 60 lessons for five performance minutes per day available to all users for free.
  • More than 500 lessons spread over 20 genres available for subscribers.
  • Works with all MIDI capable instruments.
  • No other device, controller or instrument required.

All the apps/programs described above help you learn the piano by yourself. But, the similarity ends there. From compatibility with different OS to use of gamification techniques, there are many unique factors you must consider to find the right app for you. So, choose wisely and have a happy piano learning experience.

5 Best Kalimbas Of 2020 – [Review & Buyer’s Guide]


The Kalimba is a beautiful instrument that creates peaceful and relaxing music. It’s easy to pick up but offers a huge amount of learning and expression as you get to grips with it. It’s also a very small instrument that can be easily stashed in a bag for those moments when you need to get inspired or feel like making music.

We think that learning a new instrument is always a worthwhile pursuit. This is excellent for brain development, but also provides a skill that can benefit you for your entire life. Choosing a “lesser-known” instrument such as the Kalimba provides an insight into a different culture, as well as a wonderful conversation point for parties and activities. 

In this post, we’re going to take a detailed look at the Kalimba, whether it is right for you, and how to choose the best one to get started with.

Features of a Kalimba

First, let’s take a look at the basics. The Kalimba is an instrument that looks like a small box or board with some metal prongs attached. Kalimbas attached to a resonant box rather than a flat board are inherently louder than their flatter cousins and objectively create a more attractive reverb.

This box is the resonant box, which provides an acoustic chamber for air to vibrate. This works just like a guitar in order to magnify the sound. This should also contain a soundhole, and if you cover this then you’ll have the option to alter the sound and to create what is often described as a “wah-wah” effect!

The Sansula is a particular type of Kalimba that can be mounted onto a frame drum. You will then lift and lower this onto a flat surface, this can also make an interesting noise.

Interestingly, the order of the notes can vary slightly depending on the age and the type. For example, the original traditional African Kalimba’s used a note-layout that would alternate left to right as they traveled up the scale. On the far right would be a lower drone. 

This is what formed the basis of the “Hugh Tracey” kalmia, which is still widely used today. There are other layouts however with a range of different musical patterns. The number of keys can also vary in many cases, though most will now come with 17.

Tuning the Kalimba also varies slightly from one instrument to the next. Many Kalimbas have multiple possible tunings! You’ll need to tune your instrument once every few months minimum, using a tuning chart. 

Which Kalimba is Right for Me?

With so many different options, you might be wondering which Kalimba is the right choice for you. The answer will depend very much on personal preference: the type of sound you prefer, whether you intend to travel with it, and what you like the sound of. 

There’s also the matter of aesthetics. Different Kalimbas come with different tine colors and even wood colors. The Kalimba is a very personal instrument thanks to its compact nature and the unique sound it creates. This is a little like the scene in Harry Potter then: the Kalimba will almost “choose you!” Find the one that you resonate with, and follow your gut. 

The Best Kalimbas of 2020: Top Reviews

Now that all that is out of the way, let’s take a look at the best Kalimbas available in 2020 rated by real musicians 

Gecko 17 Key Kalimba

Gecko is one of the best known and most popular brands of Kalimba. This model demonstrates precisely why it has achieved such popularity and makes for a perfect starting point.

The Gecko 17 Key Kalimba is a striking instrument in burgundy. While that won’t be to everyone’s tastes, it does give it a distinct appearance compared to a lot of the competition. This is once again a Kalimba with a resonance box and a premium mahogany material. The tines are made from ore steel and have the notes and letters marked on them. This is something that some people will find useful when learning, as it means they won’t need to memorize the layouts of the keys. However, it does mean that unlike stickers, there is no option to remove the guidance. That means that the instrument can look a little like a beginner’s option, even as you become more advanced!

Ultimately this is a minor nitpick though, and the overall design and feel of the instrument are superb. We also like that this once again comes with a very well made carry case: an EVA Kalimba boxes offer ample protection from bumps and scrapes, as well as protection from moisture and oxidation.

This product also comes with a full instructional booklet for those learning the Kalimba for the first time. The booklet includes QR codes that link directly to helpful videos. This extra attention to detail is fantastic and makes this a brilliant package for anyone new to the instrument.

Finally, what’s also excellent is the 365-day warranty and 90 days unconditional return period. Combined with a reasonable price, there is little not to like about the GECKO.

GECKO Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano Builts-in EVA High-Performance Protective Box, Tuning Hammer and Study Instruction.
  • High-quality Materials: Handmade with high-quality mahogany and ore steel bars, giving you a better...
  • Wonderful Sound: Without any music basis, you just move your thumb to get the wonderful music that...
  • Study Guidance: With our professionally produced kalimba learning booklet, it introduces the use and...

Donner 17 Key Kalimba

The Donner 17 Key Kalimba is a smart and simple Kalimba with a great sound. It is made using solid mahogany, which gives it a premium look and a solid heft. This Kalimba has a resonance box too, giving it a louder and more impressive sound, and creating more options for the way that it can be played. The keys are made from carbon steel, which creates a beautiful sound but should also offer good longevity.

It is compact and comes with an attractive bag for easy carrying around and using. Other included extras include a tuning tool, and a user manual (with tuning guide). This great selection of free extras ensures that you’ll have everything you could need in order to get started with the instrument! To use the hammer, you will apply gentle force to slightly lengthen or shorten the tines. 

Also appealing is the money-back guarantee (30 days). This combined with the very reasonable price makes the Donner 17 Key Kalimba a reliable choice for those just getting into the instrument for the first time. 

Donner 17 Key Kalimba Thumb Piano Finger Piano, Mbira Solid Mahogany Body DKL-17
  • Made by solid mahogany resonance boxand and carbon steel keys, to make sure the sound is better.
  • So easy to use, you just need to use two thumbs play to make a great sound
  • Small size and come with a portable bag for easy carrying and storage.

Mugig 17 Key Kalimba

This is another relatively simple Kalimba that does everything it needs to and looks smart doing it. This has a similarly plain design to the Donner, once again made from beautiful mahogany. The color is slightly lighter, and the only detailing is some simple patterning around the soundhole. Once again, this is a Kalimba with a resonance box. Different though, are the tines. These are made from ore metal to offer a long sustain. The design of the tines is also slightly different: a bending key shape results in a more comfortable and easy playing style with the thumbs or fingers.

The package comes with a tuning tool and book with a tuning guide and instructions. You’ll also get red and green stickers, as well as the number and letter stickers. The latter can be very useful when learning the Kalimba, by helping to provide a visual reference when trying to recall the key layouts. It is a shame that no carry bag is included with this model, however.

This, combined with a 45-day money-back guarantee, makes the Mugig another great choice for the beginner. 

Mugig Kalimba 17 keys with Instruction and Tune Hammer, Portable Thumb Piano Mbira Sanza Mahogany Body Ore Metal Tines
  • [Mahogany Body] and [Ore Metal Tines], providing longer sustain ,better sound and comfortable touch...
  • Soft tone that relaxes like music box,harp. Bending design keys are more comfortable for fingers....
  • International standard C tune: 1(D), 2(B), 3(G), 4(E), 5(C5), 6(A), 7(F), 8(D), 9(C4), 10(E), 11(G),...

Ammoon 17 Key Kalimba

The Ammoon 17 Key Kalimba stands out a little on this list thanks to its lighter color choice. This is made from high-quality African Piano wood, which reportedly can help to keep the sound more “natural.” The tines are made from carbon steel, while the resonance box is shallow with an intricately crafted soundhole. This is actually a triple sound hole Kalimba – with two at the back. That allows you to create a range of different sound effects.

This is also a particularly pocketable Kalimba and is described as “palm-size.” It also comes with a slew of extras once again, including a tuning hammer, carry back, accompaniment chain, tassel decoration, instruction book, and stickers! That said, the bag is very basic and won’t offer a lot of protection.

In short, this is a great option if you’re looking for a Kalimba that will stand apart with a slightly different design and build. Otherwise, it is just as beautiful to look at and listen to like any of its competition.

ammoon 17 Key Kalimba Mbira Pocket Thumb Piano Solid Acacia Musical Instrument Gift
  • 17 key mbira, with really clear and bright sound, easy to play.
  • Exquisite Solid Acacia Wood with metal keys, polished surface.
  • Play it to make your finger more flexible, develop your musical talent.

Walter.D Mahogany Tone Wood Kalimba

The Walter D. Tone Wood Kalimba is another unique looking instrument thanks to its striking, electric blue color. This sits upon a high quality koa tonewood that has an attractive and detailed grain, and that really sets it apart from similar options. 

The instrument sounds particularly crisp and bright, and we really enjoyed the sound from this one. The resonance both is thin, which creates a slightly lighter and brighter pitch and quality. The tines are likewise made from high-quality materials: a carbon that is durable and that helps add to the sound.

Like some of the other options, this model also comes with a plethora of extras. You will receive a tuning hammer, a user manual, key stickers, an instruction book for learning the instrument, and a carry bag.

The instrument ultimately has a really attractive look and feel. It’s easy to learn thanks to the extras and looks and feels very premium. We were impressed!

Moozica 17 Keys Kalimba, Mahogany Tone Wood 17 Keys Marimba Thumb Piano Musical Gift (Blue EQ)
  • Build-in Pickup: 17 key kalimba with built-in pickup and 6.35mm interface for connecting amplifier,...
  • Hi-Fi Pickup, Perfectly Maintains the Beautiful Kalimba Sound : This Product is Dedicated in Sound...
  • High Quality Material with Delicate Finishing: Use Selected Solid Mahogany Wood to Make Resonance...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to play the Kalimba?

The biggest challenge with playing the Kalimba is the unusual note layout. This can make playing simple scales more complex, as the numbers that follow from one another are not arranged sequentially. However, you will find that in terms of picking up and making a nice tune, the Kalimba is relatively straight forward once you grasp this basic concept. Adding cords using the unusual key layout is a more complex idea still, but this is something that you won’t necessarily need to do right away.

In short, the Kalimba is an instrument that is relatively simple to pick up, but that can take a lifetime to master!

What is the difference between a Kalimba and a Mbira?

While the terms Kaliba and Mbira are often used interchangeably, there are a few key differences – no pun intended! Most notably (again… no pun intended) this includes the tuning and the way the scales are arranged. You’ll also find that the Mbira has a double row of keys, whereas the Kalimba has a single row.

How much is a Kalimba?

Kalimbas are relatively simple instruments with no moving parts necessary. While it is possible to get antique Kalimbas and electronic Kalimbas which of course cost more, most basic instruments won’t set you back more than $20-$70.

What is the best brand of Kalimba?

There are many brands of Kalimba that are very popular right now. While you should judge each product on its individual merits, GECKO is a very well regarded manufacturer that makes some of the best kalimbas on the market.

What country is the Kalimba from?

While the precise country of origin is not known, the Kalimba definitely comes from Africa. It is generally thought that it originated in southern Africa and the south of the continent. It has also been found in early use in South America and the Caribbean. 

The Kalimba has a rich history, and it is thought to date back to at least 3,000 years in Africa. However, the metal version that most of us are familiar with today probably only stretches back 1,300. 

The Final Word on the Best Kalimbas

So there you have it: everything you need to know about the buying the best kalimbas. Most importantly: this is a stunning instrument that creates a unique and beautiful sound. It has a rich and storied history, and when you play it, you feel transported to another time and culture.

The small size, simplicity to learn, and attractive appearance make this a perfect instrument for anyone to learn if they want to bring a little music to parties, events, and gatherings. It even looks great hanging on the wall as an ornament! It’s a great addition to any studio and makes for great ideas for rhythms. And any of the models we listed in our buyer’s guide will be a perfect place to start.

5 Best Dynamic Microphones for 2020 [Reviews & Buying Guide]


So you are in the market for a microphone that is adept with live performances of vocals and instruments. This is a good place to start. Below you will find market-leading microphones and a detailed in and out of what the users and the market has to say about different products from different brands. We will talk about industry standards, benchmarks, and new advances, and how each microphone stands the test.

Best Dynamic Microphones Reviewed by Vocalists and Musicians

Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

This is a microphone that has been used at The White House since the 1970s. This has put quite a value on the product as an industry standard. It is used in venues of different sizes and capacities. It should be noted that this microphone is specialized in vocal pickup by singers, performers, and speakers. It uses cardioid pickup which is an important feature in any microphone. This enables the product to focus unidirectionally at the source of the sound and cut out any other disturbances. The microphone has a plosives pop sound filter that reduces the jarring sounds picked up around ‘p’s and ‘b’s. Another key feature is its durability under use over years on stage or on tour. The microphone doesn’t have a specific tuning so it can pick up frequencies from a wide range.


  • Frequency response between 40Hz – 15kHz
  • High reproduction quality with most instruments
  • Heavy use durability
  • Uniform cardioid pickup
  • Aesthetics: Dark gray color painted with enamel; in a die-cast steel with a polycarbonate grille and stainless steel screen


  • Brand: Shure
  • Model: SM57-LC
  • Output Impedance: 310 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 94 dB SPL
Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone - Black
  • Contoured frequency response is clean, instrumental reproduction and rich vocal pickup
  • Professional-quality reproduction for drum, precussion, and instrument amplifier miking
  • Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main source while reducing background noise

Shure SM58-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

SM58 is a unidirectional dynamic microphone just like SM57. This microphone’s key features that should be considered while comparing include the minimal handling noise that is reduced considerably by the pneumatic shock-mount system. The product, like its predecessor, has a cardioid unidirectional pickup. This enables the SM58 to cancel out the other sounds and disturbances from other voices on stage and focus on a unidirectional source.

In addition to picking up unidirectional sound, it also has a plosives filter that cuts off the disturbances caused by vocalists and speakers. An interesting industry secret of the SM58 is that when the vocals are less than one-fourth inches from the mic, this product boosts the bass frequency and one gets more lush and richer bass sound when compared to a sound source that is further away.


  • Frequency response between 50Hz – 15kHz
  • Uniform cardioid pickup
  • Built for long rugged usage
  • Spherical filter for plosive pop sounds giving raw vocals
  • Aesthetics: Dark gray color painted with enamel; in a die-cast metal case


  • Brand: Shure
  • Model: SM58-LC
  • Output Impedance: 150 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 94 dB SPL
Shure SM58-LC Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone
  • Frequency response tailored for vocals, with brightened midrange and bass rolloff to control...
  • Effective built-in spherical wind and pop filter. Frequency response: 50 to 15,000 Hz
  • Pneumatic shock-mount system cuts down handling noise.

Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone, Cardioid

Here is a microphone system that is perfect for close distance speaking like studio recording, podcasts and bass amps. It is highly suitable for public radio or television production. The pop filters protect against all explosive breath scenarios and in case of close proximity speech. The microphone setup comes with a windscreen and a yoke mount that locks. This keeps the microphone on a symmetrical axis which ensures that there is as little coloration as possible. The microphone also has cardioid pickup which enables the microphone to pick up voices only from the intentioned source. Additionally, the spherical filter cuts off the plosive pop noises.


  • Frequency response between 50Hz – 20kHz
  • Electromagnetic disturbances cut out
  • Aesthetic: Black, available with a foam cushion and a yoke mount
  • Uniform cardioid pickup


  • Brand: Shure
  • Model: SM7B
Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
  • Flat, wide-range frequency response for exceptionally clean and natural reproduction of both music...
  • Bass rolloff and mid-range emphasis (presence boost) controls with graphic display of response...
  • Improved rejection of electromagnetic hum, optimized for shielding against broadband interference...

Audio-Technica ATR2100 Dynamic Microphone

This is a microphone suitable for the purposes of podcasting, studio recording or outdoor recording, as well as to be used on stage. This is especially built for handheld usage as the cardioid polar pattern ensures that the background noise and the handling noise is cut out. The key feature that the makers of the microphone emphasize on is the analog-to-digital conversion of the sound. The output of the microphone can be extracted in two ways. For recording, one can use the USB output. For live performances, one can use the XLR output. There is also the option of receiving the sound from an audio jack output which gives the sound without any delay.


  • Frequency response is extended with low-mass diaphragm
  • Two outputs available via USB and XLR
  • Can be used in both live performances and for digital recording
  • Comes with a built-in headphone jack
  • Volume control on the hand piece
  • On and off switch on the hand piece
  • Aesthetics: Silver color


  • Brand: Audio-Technica
  • Model: ATR2100
Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone
  • Handheld dynamic microphone with USB digital output and XLR analog output
  • USB output connects to your computer for digital recording, while the XLR output connects with your...
  • Smooth, extended frequency response ideally suited for podcasting, home studio recording, field...

AKG Pro Audio D5 Professional Dynamic Stage Microphone

This model of microphone comes with a unique innovation from the maker company AKG. The thickness of the diaphragm varies across the diameter. This new technology used in this microphone allows this fine-tuning of the diaphragm without using any tuning resonators. The microphone is compatible for live performances and the handling disturbance is absorbed by the shock-proof mount. Like the other microphones on the list, this one also uses the cardioid pickup technology to a stronger degree—called super-cardioid. The microphone also has an indispensable filter to cut off plosive pop sounds that distort close-distance recordings like podcasts and radio. Made for long-lasting usage in a sturdy body.


  • Supercardioid polar pattern for crisp unidirectional pickup
  • Aesthetics: black with a steel wire mesh
  • Option of with and without on and off switch available
  • Uses the AKG patented AKG Laminated Varimotion technology diaphragm


  • Brand: AKG
  • Model: Pro Audio D5
AKG D5 Vocal Dynamic Microphone
  • Rugged construction
  • Handheld dynamic vocal microphone designed for lead and backing vocals
  • Patented AKG laminated varimotion diaphragm

Given these five dynamic mics that are built for high-quality sound in outdoor, indoor, live and sessions recording scenarios, one can choose any of the microphones based on their specific needs. If for example one needs a microphone that converts analog to digital output, one should go for the Audio-Technica ATR2100. If one is looking for a session recording mic that can take on the plosive sounds and give a crisp sound quality, one can go for the Shure SM7B that comes with a foam screen and as well as a close-speech windscreen.

5 Best Single Drum Pedals in 2020 [Reviews & Buying Guide]


When it comes to choosing the best single drum pedal, you can never afford to compromise with the performance, durability, and looks. We’ve all played bad single drum pedals and have probably missed a kick due to the shoddy construction. Don’t skimp on hardware, having quality components will elevate your drumming drastically.

If you’re interested in learning more about drum sets, check out our guide:
Drum Kit 101: All You Need To Know When Buying A Drum Set

The 5 Best Single Drum Pedals Chosen by Real Drummers

To help you pick the ultimate single drum pedal, we’ve narrowed down a list of the best single drum pedals you could swear by to add to your drum set.

DW 5000 Turbo Single Bass Pedal

DW 5000 Turbo Single Bass Pedal - Best Single Bass Pedals

Getting the perfect drum kit has its own prerequisites that you need to know before going ahead with your buy. And when it comes to buying a single drum pedal, you need to get the one with a sturdy finish for extra grip and connection. The DW 5000 Turbo Single Bass Pedal is a patented drum pedal crafted with three independent 360 rotating rubber pads for an uncompromised grip while drumming your ear-piercing beats. These add-ons are crafted keeping in mind the professional drummer who never gives in to slips and improper grip. An ultra-smooth finish with a dual bearing spring rocker makes the DW 5000 series one of the best single drum pedals you could ever have.

This amazing single drum pedal comes with a sturdy concentric drive system to make way for a strong grip between the sprocket and footboard, giving you a solid and consistent feel every time you drum. The DW 5000 Turbo Single Bass Pedal is the ultimate add-on you need to master your performance without any hassle or discomfort.


  • Dual-Chain Turbo Sprocket
  • Delta II Ball Bearing Hinge
  • Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp


  • Brand: DW 5000 Turbo Single Bass Pedal
  • Model: DWCP5000TD4
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds
DW 5000 Turbo Single Bass Pedal
  • Dual-Chain Turbo Sprocket
  • Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp (U.S. Patent No. 8330032)
  • Delta II Ball Bearing Hinge (U.S. Patent No. 5431081)

Ludwig LAP15FP Atlas Pro Bass Drum Pedal with Rock Plate

Ludwig LAP15FP Atlas Pro Bass Drum Pedal with Rock Plate

The Ludwig LAP15FP Atlas Pro Bass Drum Pedal is the best drum gear you could swear by for an ultimate and soaring performance. This single drum pedal is crafted with long and short-chain options, making the way for a customized geometry for low or high footboard angles. Crafted with a sturdy finish, the Ludwig single drum pedal gives you all the reasons to feel comfortable while you drum your thumping tracks. Fabricated for easy adjustability with its comfortable footboard and beater angle and spring tension adjustments, the LAP15FP Atlas Pro series is the ultimate pick of beginners as well as many professional drummers.

Finished in a stainless-steel drive shaft for precise rotation and hassle-free customization, this Ludwig pedal gear is the best choice for long-term durability and smooth action. Its modern-classic footboard design with an easily removable toe stop is optimized for a perfect balance, giving you that lightweight finish, yet with high strength and performance.


  • Modern-classic footboard design
  • Maintenance-free bronze sleeve bearings
  • Stainless-steel driveshaft


  • Brand: Ludwig LAP15FP Atlas Pro Bass Drum Pedal with Rock Plate
  • Model: LAP15FP
  • Weight: 5 pounds
Ludwig LAP15FP Atlas Pro Bass Drum Pedal with Rock Plate
  • Includes long chain and short chain options: For ideal cam geometry at low or high footboard...
  • Fully adjustable: Customize feel and position with footboard angle, beater angle, and spring...
  • Stainless-Steel Drive Shaft: Machine tooled for precise rotation and easy adjustability.

Dixon PP-9270 Single Bass Drum Pedal, Cam-Drive

Dixon PP-9270 Single Bass Drum Pedal, Cam-Drive

Dixon PP-9270 Single Bass Drum Pedal is the next-generation gear for an unsurpassed drumming experience for both beginners and professional drummers. This astounding PP-9270 drum pedal is crafted with single chain CAM action to give you a sturdy grip with added comfort. Crafted to perfection with built-in spurs, the Dixon PP-9270 Single Bass Drum Pedal is the best choice to keep your drum from scooting, especially during hard rock performances. Its dual surface beater is an added advantage for drummers who look forward to filling the arena with thumping acoustics.

The ever-amazing Dixon PP-9270 single drum pedal series is the best choice for beginners who need a decent gear for their concerts or practice sessions. If you want a budget-friendly single drum pedal that doesn’t compromise on quality and performance, then the Dixon PP-9270 Single Bass Drum Pedal is what you’re ultimately looking for.


  • Single chain CAM action
  • Stabilizer platform for a sturdy finish
  • Dual surface beater


  • Brand: Dixon PP-9270 single bass drum pedal, Cam-Drive
  • Model: PP-9270
  • Weight: 4.75 pounds
Dixon PP-9270 Single Bass Drum Pedal, Cam-Drive
  • Single Chain CAM Action
  • Stabilizer Platform For Stability
  • Built-In Spurs To Keep Bass Drums From Scooting

Pacific Bass Drum Pedal (PDSP500)

Pacific Bass Drum Pedal (PDSP500)

When looking for the best single drum pedals, you can never afford to miss the amazing Pacific Bass Drum Pedal. This PDP 500 Series single bass drum pedal is crafted to deliver exceptional quality and performance. Power-packed in a sleek and racing-themed footboard, this pedal features a dual-chain drive for improved torque. Crafted for the modern drummer, this Pacific Bass pedal is finished with a two-way beater, built-in spurs and drum key and side adjustable toe clamp for unstoppable performance.

The PDP 500 Series from Pacific Bass pedal comes with an infinitely adjustable spring rocker for precise customization according to your beater stroke. With this budget-friendly and highly-functional single drum pedal by your side, you can seamlessly show the world what your personal playing style is. A decent buy with a portfolio of satisfactory features make the Pacific Bass Drum Pedal the best choice for single drums.


  • Two-way beater
  • Side adjustable toe clamp
  • Three-position stroke adjustment


  • Brand: Pacific Bass Drum Pedal
  • Model: PDSP500
  • Weight: 6 pounds
Pacific Bass Drum Pedal (PDSP500)
  • Two-way beater
  • Dual-chain drive with offset cam
  • Drum Key clip

Gibraltar Hardware (9711GS-D)

Gibraltar Hardware (9711GS-D)

For those of you looking to start a fabulous journey as a drummer, the Gibraltar Hardware single drum pedal might turn out to be the best drumming gear you’ve ever had. Made from ultimate G-Class pedals, the 9711GS-D series is designed to match the passion of the modern drummer who loves to engulf the streets with thumping beats and acoustics. This one of a kind single drum pedal is loaded with a variety of control features, paving the way for a fine-tuned performance on the go.

Gibraltar Hardware (9711GS-D) is a perfect fusion of stylish looks and durable finish, making it an ultimate choice for hard rock performances on the street and in studios. Its unique sleek design eliminates the set-up hassles, giving the drummer a smooth and easy start with his beats. If you’re looking for a highly-functional single drum pedal that is durable and focused on performance, then the 9711GS-D series from Gibraltar Hardware is the perfect drum gear you’re looking for.


  • Sculpted pillar frames
  • Easy spring tension adjustment
  • Helix mounting system


  • Brand: Gibraltar Hardware
  • Model: 9711GS-D
  • Weight: 7.52 pounds
Gibraltar Hardware (9711GS-D)
  • Sculpted pillar frames
  • Easy spring tension adjustment
  • Direct Drive cam

The Final Word On The Best Single Drum Kick Pedals

Many professional drummers and beginners never miss their hand on a single drum and when it comes to getting that thumping sound and soaring acoustics, it is always advisable to pick the best single drum pedal to complement the overall performance and rhythm.

Various well-known brands such as the DW 5000 Turbo series, Ludwig, Dixon and Gibraltar Hardware always live up to what they promise. Crafted with a variety of user-friendly features such as two-way beater, built-in spurs, adjustable toe clamp, and lightweight finish, these top picks pave the way for robust performance on the streets and in the studios.

5 Best Drum Thrones 2020 [Reviews & Buying Guide]


Well, it would turn out that thrones aren’t just for royalty; as a drummer, the throne is what you sit on to conquer the hearts of listeners but more importantly, to comfortably play your set! We’ve compiled a list of the best drum thrones whether you have a bad back or are just looking for a comfortable drum throne.

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Drum Kit 101: All You Need To Know When Buying A Drum Set

Often underestimated or overlooked, the throne is a very important part of drumming; your throne can make a huge difference to your overall drumming, especially your posture.

Sure, you can splurge on great drum sticks and drum heads, but how comfortable you are while drumming can impact your performance for better or for worse!

You’ll need to sit on something that’s good for your back and also comfortable enough to sustain and support long periods of sitting and playing, which is important to consider if you practice long hours or perform long shows frequently.

Additionally, your drum throne and how you sit on it also impacts your footwork. Long story short, get a good drum throne!

To help you pick out a good throne, here’s a roundup of our 5 best drum thrones. Don’t just invest in something cheap to save money and then regret it; instead, take a look at the thrones on our list for better options!

Best Drum Thrones Chosen by Real Drummers

Drum Workshop, Inc. CP5100 5000 Series Throne

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Drum Workshop, Inc. is the reigning monarch of the drum kingdom; these guys are an almost one-stop need for all things drum-related!

Their 5000 series throne are prime examples of the quality and care that goes into each Drum Workshop product; these mid-priced thrones are a great option for the comfort and ease of playing they bring to the table.

The DWCP5100 is a standard-height throne equipped with a range of features that make drumming a supremely comfortable experience, including swivel height adjustment and a double-braced base, among others.

Bid adieu to an aching bottom thanks to your current way-past-expiry-date throne and invest instead in this throne that gives you a bang for the buck like no other.

Drum Workshop, Inc. CP5100 5000 Series Throne - Best Drum Throne 2020


  • Solid ear-casting for reliability
  • Durable vinyl-covered seat top that’s 13 inches
  • Full-sized 1.18-inch double-braced base
  • Dual foam set seat of 3-inch thickness
  • Oversized locking nut
  • Tripod base


  • Weight: 8.81 pounds
  • Dimensions: 23 x 20 x 7 inches
  • Model: DWCP5100
  • Color: Black
DW Drum Workshop CP5100 5000 Series Throne
  • Slightly smaller 13" Seat top
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Sturdy tripod base

Donner Drum Throne Upgraded

With “upgraded” in its title, you know that this Donner Drum Throne is a new and improved version designed to give you the ultimate comfort and stability so that you only concentrate on playing the drums and not an aching back or numb backside!

The throne comes with a range of impressive features that enhance the comfort and convenience it brings to you. This includes the ability to shrink the shelf by adjusting the bottom knob for better portability, a 360-degree rotating seat and high-density sponge seat.

Additionally, it’s pretty sturdy and durable, with the ability to support up to 250 pounds of weight!

Donner Drum Throne Upgraded


  • PVC leather and high-density sponge seat to support heavy weights and prevent deformation
  • Adjustable height, thanks to a 4-position bolt lock at the bottom
  • No-skid three-legged stool; equipped with rubber non-skid sleeves
  • 11.4-inch diameter on top seat
  • Triangularly designed aluminum alloy bracket for stability
  • Can be used with a variety of different instruments and not just drums
  • After-sales guarantee


  • Weight: 6.43 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.7 x 12.99 x 6.69 inches
  • Model:
  • Color: Black
Donner Drum Throne Upgraded, Padded Seat Portable Height Adjustable Drumming Stools for Kids and Adult
  • High-density sponges-High-density sponges prevent your drum stool from deforming after prolonged...
  • Adjustable- You can adjust the height by adjusting the 4 position bolt lock or the knob at the...
  • Non-skid design - this three-legged stool has three rubber non-skid sleeves to prevent the Donner...

Pacific Drums and Percussion PDDTC00 Concept Throne

Practical and ergonomic, this drum throne is all kinds of comfortable and highly affordable! A part of Pacific Drums and Percussion’s pro-level Concept series, this throne comes with adjustable seat height, threaded posts and a comfortable seat.

Above all, though, it comes with excellent quality and durability – you wouldn’t expect anything less from a subsidiary of Drum Workshop! And, you get quality worth thousands at mere hundreds!

PDP has made the quality of Drum Workshop available at extremely affordable prices to working drummers; you get boutique-inspired drumming equipment at half the price – no catches!

Similarly, the PDDTC00 is re-imagined and designed particularly for the working drummer, to get the best of comfort and durability without breaking the bank.

Pacific Drums and Percussion PDDTC00 Concept Throne


  • Adjustable seat height (22-28 inches), making it great for all sizes of drummers!
  • 14-inch contoured seat with a threaded post
  • Active, thick, oversized mesh seat top for maximum comfort
  • Double-braced legs with non-slip rubber feet
  • 1-inch base with threaded post spindle adjustment
  • Round seat


  • Weight: 3.99 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17.99 x 15.98 x 15.98 inches
  • Model: PDDTC00
  • Color: Black
Pacific Drums & Percussion Drum Throne (PDDTC00)
  • Tour-Grade Concept Series
  • Thick, oversized, contoured Active Mesh Top is 14" in diameter
  • Sturdy double-braced legs with large non-slip rubber feet

MAPEX Double Brace Round Top Drum Throne

This MAPEX drum throne comes packed with a ton of features, generally found in professional-level thrones, all ensuring the comfort and durability that a drummer expects!

The drum throne comes with a wide tripod base for stability and security; additionally, this base is double-braced.

The throne also has a steel spindle that allows for height adjustment, making it a great option for all drummers regardless of their height. This spindle serves the dual function of also making the seat secure to sit on.

Additionally, the throne is extremely affordable, making it a great option for those who are just starting out on their drumming journey or are dabbling in the art form. All in all, a no-frills, ergonomically-designed seat that efficiently does what it’s designed for!

MAPEX Double Brace Round Top Drum Throne


  • 12 x 25 inches cushioned seat
  • Soft-yet-durable vinyl-covered seat
  • 5-position bolt lock allowing height adjustment between 17.3 and 22 inches
  • Quad legs are double-braced


  • Weight: 3.99 pounds
  • Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Model: T270A
  • Color: Chrome
Mapex Double Brace Round top Drum Throne
  • 12" Wide x 2. 5" Thick Round Cushioned Seat
  • Soft but Durable Vinyl Covering
  • 5 Position Bolt Lock Height Adjustment with 17. 3" to 22" Height Range

Ahead Spinal G Drum ThroneBest for Bad Backs

If backache is your most common complaint while drumming, this seat is for you! The Ahead Spinal G Drum Throne is designed specifically to do away with the bad back so that you can focus on becoming the next Buddy Rich or Ringo Starr!

The Ahead Spinal Drum Throne is an ergokinetic seat and features a thick cushion with memory foam, as well as a split seat for comfortable seating. It’s also spring-balanced for better suspension and comfort.

Additionally, it’s height-adjustable, with a heavy-duty tripod base and a sturdy connector plate. What makes this throne extremely appealing, though, is its uniqueness and the innovation in its design!

The open space in the middle negates any pressure on your tailbone, a leading cause of back pain, whereas the support cushion for each glute offers individual support for both halves of your body.

While this drum throne may be on the slightly more expensive side, it’s definitely worth the investment, with features like these!

Ahead Spinal G Drum Throne - Best Drum Seat for Bad Backs


  • Memory foam cushions and split seat
  • Double-locking threaded height adjustment
  • Seat connector plate
  • Tripod base
  • Velour seat top


  • Weight: 19.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 19.44 x 8.26 inches
  • Model: SPGBL
  • Color: Black
Ahead Drum Throne (SPGBL)
  • All Ahead Thrones also come with a heavy-duty, tripod base that includes a double-locking, threaded...

The Takeaway on The Best Drum Thrones and Seats

Whether you’re a professional drummer or just a beginner, the need for a comfortable drum throne is universal! Not only does it allow better footwork but it also lets you play long hours without sacrificing your back and bottom for it!

If you’ve been looking for a drum throne to replace your old worn-out one or are buying your first drum throne, our list should have you covered. Try these thrones for a comfortable, hassle-free drumming experience!

5 Best Condenser Microphones in 2020 [Reviews & Buying Guide]


An appropriate condenser microphone is hard to find without first hearing what the users think about the top products in the market. It is also important to hear from the people from your own industry to figure out the implementation of the various technologies in specific fields. Top brands like Røde, along with the pioneering brands like AKG are regularly pushing out newer models.

Below we explore 5 top models available in the market and discuss their frequency response, sound reception, disturbance reduction and more.

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Best Condenser Microphone brand on a microphone stand

Top 5 Best Condenser Microphones Ranked by Real Musicians

Røde NTK Tube Condenser Microphone

This Australian designed and made product also comes with a ten-year warranty which guarantees a long life under rugged conditions. Key features of the microphone discussed here are its wide dynamic range, shock-proof internal mounting to avoid physical contact disturbances (this model comes with SM6 shock mount which is doing pretty well in the market), and its uniform cardioid pick up that ensures the amplification of the source sound while cutting off the environmental disturbances. It also comes with a detachable pop filter which is highly recommended to be used by the maker in close-speech sessions.

This is a recommended hit for vocals, guitar amplification, and most acoustic instruments. It is important that the microphone is handled with care even in rugged use. It should be stored in the moisture-absorbent crystals that come in the packaging of this Røde product as do all else.


  • Frequency response range between 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Cardioid pickup of sound source
  • 10-year warranty
  • Maximum Pressure Level: 158 dB SPL


  • Brand: Røde
  • Model: NTK
  • Comes with a dust cover and detachable pop filter
  • Comes with an SM6 shock mount to reduce disturbance
Rode NTK Premium Tube Cardioid Condenser Microphone
  • ENSURE YOU BUY GENUINE RØDE PRODUCTS! Products from sellers which say 'fulfilled by Amazon' under...
  • Buy only from Amazon.com (labelled 'shipped and sold by Amazon.com')
  • A premium valve condenser microphone designed to provide incredible detail and warmth in the studio

Røde NT1-A

This microphone by Røde uses the Rycote’s Lyre system. If you are not familiar with it, it is best to understand that the system is in place to reduce external influences on the sound at the very core level of the microphone. Additionally, the microphone uses the cardioid polar pattern which ensures the reception of sound from a single direction. It is also important to look out for the self-noise that is introduced by the device, especially in case of studio recordings and radio broadcast recordings.

NT1-A is relatively low on this count as the self-noise measures only 4.5dBA. Considering that this is a marvel of technology, the microphone should always be stored dry and dusted in the moisture-absorbent crystals that come with the Røde products.


  • Frequency response range between 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Cardioid sound pickup
  • Maximum Pressure Level: 132 dB SPL


  • Brand: Røde
  • Model: NT1-A
  • Comes with a premium shock mount from the makers
  • Comes with a dust cover for the microphone
Rode NT1-A Anniversary Vocal Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package
  • as the seller is the only authorized fulfilled by dealer, and purchases from unauthorized dealers...
  • Delivers a warmth, extended dynamic range, and high SPL capability typical of more expensive...
  • An Incredible self-noise level of only 5dBA makes this an extremely quiet studio microphone

AKG C214

The reputable brand AKG has come up with a new model of condenser microphones that has a dynamic range of 143 dB. The brand is known for its patented innovation and also producing economic alternatives for high-end models. This particular model is made in the image of the popular C414 microphone. This variant also has the technology of an inch capsule at the core. It is highly suitable for recording vocals, acoustic instruments and amplifying guitars.

The microphone comes in a polar pattern of cardioid which ensures a unidirectional sound reception. The sensitivity is considerably high and rivals the more popular microphones from Røde.


  • Cardioid pickup for unidirectional sound source
  • 3 years warranty
  • Maximum Pressure Level: 156 dB SPL


  • Brand: AKG
  • Model: C214
  • Comes with a pop filter
  • Comes with an XLR cable for output that is 20 feet long
AKG Pro Audio C214 Professional Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, Grey
  • Sonic character of the C414 XLII for beautifully detailed recording of lead vocals and solo...
  • Outstanding dynamic range and ultralow noise for close-up recording of high-output sources of up to...
  • Switchable 20dB attenuator and bass-cut filter for close-up recording and reduction of proximity...

Audio-Technica AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

This particular model from Audio-Technica has a large diaphragm which makes it a desirable condenser microphone for various applications like studio recording and live performances. It delivers a crisp sound with all details intact even with a low sound. It has a cardioid polar pattern which picks up sound from a singular source in order to mute out the other noises. The microphone suspends like a boom with 3/8″-16 threading in black.

The key feature of the microphone is the large-diaphragm as it serves the purpose of giving lush quality to sounds. Besides all else, considering that this is a great piece of equipment, one must care for it as such and store it in dry and dustless places after use, typically in its case provided.


  • Large-diaphragm cardioid pickup microphone
  • Has switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter
  • Pressure handling goes into high SPLs


  • Brand: Audio-Technica
  • Model: AT2035
  • Comes in a pouch to protect it
  • Comes with a shock-proof mount
  • Comes with XLR output cables

No products found.

MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Here introducing a condenser microphone system is MXL 770 which is of a patented technology providing top-notch sound quality. As a product that costs in the mid-range like this one, the quality and performance of the microphone is renownedly surprising. It is used by vocalists, singers and speakers alike.

This brand and model competes with the inch capsule of the AKG model discussed above by having a 0.87-inch capsule. The internal noise of the device is also something that keeps the product in the market.

It is 20 dB. It is the single microphone on the list that uses a field-effect transistor with a balanced output. This gives the product the edge and a sound that is desired by both seasoned and new singers.

The design of the microphone is quite aesthetically pleasing too. A beatiful black wire meshed exterior with a gold-sputtered rim.


  • Frequency response ranges between 30Hz – 20kHz
  • Cardioid polar pattern of pickup ensuring unidirectionality
  • Maximum Pressure Level: 137 dBSPL
  • Uses FET preamp with balanced output


  • Brand: MXL
  • Model: 770
  • Comes with a gold-sputtered, low-distortion diaphragm
MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone Bundle with Shock Isolation Mount, Blucoil 10-FT Balanced XLR Cable, and Pop Filter Windscreen
  • PROVIDES WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE AND LOW NOISE - The MXL 770 Microphone employs premium FET pre-amp and...
  • REDUCES UNWANTED RUMBLES - The low-frequency roll-off minimizes the undesirable ambient room noise...
  • PROVIDES SUFFICIENT NOISE ISOLATION - The cardioid polar pattern of MXL 70 picks up sounds in front...

The above listed condensed microphones give the buyer in the market a lot of choices based on the user experience, industry-standard guides and the testimonials of musicians, vocalists, and performers. These should be considered while making the choice of a condenser microphone instead of picking a microphone based on the brand reputation and status. Every need is different so try to as closely specific to it as possible.

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